Sunday, September 25, 2011

Your Character, Your Health

Character, like a photograph, develops in darkness.
-Yousuf Karsh

After reading this quote, I was really inspired. It hit me that it's not when everything seems to be going right in our lives that we find out "who we are" or "what we stand for".  It's usually when nothing is going right and we feel alone (although we usually have someone by our side, we just may not see it at the time).  When going through tough times, whether financially, in our careers, marriages, friendships, etc., it is up to us how we decide to proceed. Yes, it really is, even if we've been provoked, yelled at, demoted, degraded, or foreclosed on. How will you decide to deal with what is beyond your control?  Better yet, how will deal with what is within your control? Do you act differently because you know you can control the situation?

I recently made the decision in a situation to proceed with peace.  As much of a talker as I am, one day it was so evident to me to just say nothing and be quiet, and that's when I knew it was the Divine, God, Allah, or whomever you call the Almighty One, who interceded. Conflict is unnatural, with others AND with ourselves. How many times have you fought yourself harder than any other opponent? Peace and solitude can resolve conflict whether it is at home, at work or on a business deal. Once you've said your piece, it is often best to take a step back and say nothing (except to your God); do nothing.  Let the Divine do his/her work, since he/she is best at it anyway.

When you let conflict resonate within you, you are inviting a long list of health problems that are SURE to eventually follow the conflict:

Joint/body pain of any kind (can also be triggered by an unclean liver)
Heart disease
Digestive problems
Sleep problems
Autoimmune diseases (see, not everyone is born with an autoimmune problem!)
Skin conditions, such as eczema

So, in closing, the development or modification of your character, while "processed" like a photograph in the dark, will surely be evident to those around you, in the light.

On the skin care side, it can be fairly simple to correct a concern that is affected by the weather, toxic exposure or even diet, but the moment your skin care concerns are exacerbated by the conditions in your life you choose to hold onto (and only YOU know these), the job to "fix" your skin problems becomes increasingly difficult. I encourage you all to reflect on your lives, in the past and current, and choose to become a happier individual, whether married, single or just straight up alone. Your skin and body will thank you for it.


Please pass along if this has helped you in any way. If it hasn't, then delete it. :-)

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